Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.


Community Creation

This is Parkour Federation’s main goal and the inspiration behind the organization: Community Creation. The Community Creation program started many years ago when Texas Parkour founded, in the second largest state in the US, was trying to find ways to reach all practitioners. Many of the people involved understood the need for organization and began to create communities. Through trial and error, they have attempted to discover the best formula for starting and maintaining strong, lasting communities. We have comprised our program from this research and input from communities from all over the world.

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Academy Creation

We say this word around here a lot but legitimacy is our number one priority for Parkour. That does not change in our Academy Cerertification. *Being apart of a certified academy allows us to bring programs into your gym. This allows for more exposure and additional revenue for your facility. Though, one of the coolest things we think is the ability to apply for our grants program. This program allows certified communities grants for equipment costs, insurance and more!

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