Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.

Leave No Trace

What is Leave No Trace? 

Leave No Trace is a program that helps practitioners become aware of their environment and learn how to treat it with the respect it deserves.  In the same respect, it helps others outside of the community understand more about us as practitioners.
Leave No Trace was started by a practitioner with the code name TK17.  You can see the video [HERE].
Leave No Trace was inspired by the saying, “try to leave the place in better condition than it was when you got there”.  Our environment is here to help us get strong and be useful, but if we destroy it or mark it up with shoes, we leave behind no respect and only take from our environment.  We must be good stewards.
This is not where Leave No Trace ends.  You do not have to clean up only your community. Become a part of another community and help them clean up their spaces.  You can also improve these spaces with plants and paint.

Leave No Trace Everyday
Leave No Trace can start the second you step outside your door.  If you see a piece of trash, pick it up. It’s that easy.  Make sure that if you bring a water bottle to training that you throw it away when you are done with it.  While you go to throw it away, see how much trash you can pick up on your journey. 

How do I start my own program?

By following these simple steps below:

Find a Spot- Start by cleaning areas that you and your friends or team train in often, or even places where you do not train if they have high levels of trash.
Gather a Group- This, of course, could be friends, family, or just other concerned people within your community.
Trash Bags and Gloves - You can buy them or ask for donations.
Pick a Day- Find a day that works for everyone that wants to help or spread it between two or three days.
Bring Water and Refreshments- Nothing gets people to volunteer quite like free food.  Give back to your volunteers.
Let Us Know!- Fill out this survey and let us know what you did, how you did it and how you helped out not only your community, but also the image of Parkour in general. [HERE]