Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.

Call To Action - Guidelines

Guidelines of Training:

Although these may seem like common sense, please take these ideas seriously.

Safety Guidelines:

The only safety guideline that you really need is BE SMART. Nobody knows your own body better than you, and only you can understand how your body will be able to handle different obstacles. But here are some other safety rules that will help you protect yourself as you learn to understand your body and your surroundings:

  • ALWAYS know what is on the other side of an obstacle.

  • Never jump down something without a way to get back up.

  • If you fall, try to roll. Using a roll will save you some pain.

  • When starting never jump off of something higher then your head. (There are exceptions to this guidelines once you have mastered this guideline)

  • When training do not put any bone on the ground or object for any reason. (There are exceptions to this guideline once you have mastered this guideline)

  • There are always safer ways to practice. If a movement seems too hard, find a way to replicate it in a safer environment.

  • Your fear is telling you what to be afraid of for a reason. You have to learn when to listen to your instincts.

  • General Rule: If you are comfortable moving in it and it's breathable, it's fine to wear while training.

Personal Guidelines:

  • Train in a safe environment.

  • Learn potentially dangerous movements under the supervision of a professional.

  • Train within your means.

  • Do not over extend your body.

  • Make sure to bring water and stay hydrated.

  • Make sure to have some idea of the weather before going out to train.

  • Let others know where you will be before going out to train.

  • Look responsible and act like you belong and people will be more willing to think you are not a threat to them or the environment.

  • Avoid standing around, mainly on grass or lawns.

  • Do not wear masks.

  • Do not wear all black clothing.

  • Refrain from opening doors. Many traceurs have gotten in trouble over this.

  • Do not make so much noise that people start looking at you.

  • Do not hang out near cars.

  • Refrain at all costs from getting on roofs.

  • If anyone sees you, DO NOT RUN, Walk.

  • If you feel guilty about training in a certain area, chances are you are not in a public area.


  • As normal as it may seem to us, do not train in places that are cut off from people seeing.

  • Do not jump fences to enter an area.

  • Anti-Doping - Seriously, if you don’t respect your body. It won’t respect you and your training. This includes everything from overuse of caffeine to alcohol and drug abuse.

Community Guidelines:

  • Give encouragement to others training.

  • Do not be the only individual sitting and watching.  Attempt - Try - Learn.

  • Be active and involved in training.

  • Step up and take turns spotting each other on jumps, even if they seem easy. It forces passersby to realize that we take this seriously and that planning in advance is needed.

  • Some areas you can train in at certain times and at other times you can't. For example, a couple years ago we found a strip-mall full of rails we could train on.  We asked the business owners when the best time for us to train would be without disturbing their business. They agreed as long as we came after their desired time.

  • Once you've kicked off somewhere it becomes much harder to make that good first impression.  Be mindful of your environment, that includes people as well.

  • Permits- We have found that State/City parade grounds permits seem to cover the legal side for large events.

  • Contact the management of a building before playing/training in/on or around the area.

How Can I Start?

First, are you starting by yourself or as a community?

If you are starting as an Individual go [HERE]

If you are starting as a Community go [HERE]