Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.


Campaigns are the steps we are taking to legitimize, help, and change the world of Parkour for the better. We hope to make these campaigns into powerful forces in the Parkour community but the only way to do so is with your help. So check out these campaigns and ask yourself how you want to see Parkour change for the good.


Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace is a program that helps practitioners become aware of their environment and learn how to treat it with the respect it deserves.


Parkour Parks
It’s a tough world out there. We want to help you build a place to train safely and without confrontation. We want you to have a park of your own.


Community Creation
This is our main goal here at Parkour Federation. We want to help start communities and teach them how to train safely and grow as a community.


Semantics Campaign
Parkour, Free Running, l'Art du Déplacement (ADD) and Methode Naturalle. A lot of different names.  What to do?


Call To Action - Guidelines
We want everyone to train safe and to be able to incorporate these essential philosophies into their training.