Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.

Parkour Federation is an official entity created to lead in promoting safety and legitimacy within the discipline of Parkour.

True Nature Training

True Nature Training ran by Parkour Federation President Matthew Lee Willis and Co-Owner Tracy Barksdale True Nature Training is the base gym for Parkour Federation and several certifications are run through this facility.  The facility offers everything from Parkour, Natural Movement, Adult Gymnastics and Circus Arts Classes. "Texas Parkour's effor to make a gym has finally happened right here in Austin, Texas.  With a facility over 6,500sqft large and tons of movement programs in the gym we are very happy to be open and training true athletes in Texas.  We have big plans here including branching out to other states and cities.  Our gym name True Nature Training was an effort to get back to the roots of Parkour and natural human movement." - Matthew Lee WillisVist True Nature Trainings FacebookFind Mission, Class Times and Tuition

First Certified Academy

Welcome to Free Run Academy started by Jessica Hilliard, Gabe Hilliard, Amanda Apac and Emmanuel Rangel.  Emmanuel first came on the Parkour scene almost 5 years ago teaching and managing SouthTexas Parkour.We are happy to annouce that Free Run Academy is our first certified academy in the world!  We sat down after going through the long process of being certifed and I asked Emmanuel what the gym was all about."Free Run Academy was born from a team of amazing individuals who believe in teaching life lessons through Parkour, competitive cheer and dance. At the academy we focus on personal development and team building. This is accomplished by coaches who are in love with all aspects of the sport and have over 20 years of combined experience."It has been a long process for them, starting in parks and moved to gym and now they own their own gym!  We love what they are doing to keep the community active, safe and of course legitimate.Vist Free Run Academy's FacebookFind Mission, Class Times and Tuition