Please bear with us as we are gaining national partners and intelligence. Please watch our programs and information grow as more communities join together and bringing forth the true and relevant information about Parkour.  This is all made possible by you, the traceur and you, the communities of this world.

Parkour Federation is an official entity created to lead in promoting safety and legitimacy within the discipline of Parkour.


Academy Creation

Our first and most important goal in Academy Creation is to help those in the community by giving YOU the opportunity to help. Eventually the 2 to 3 free trainings a week that you’re leading can blossom into a career opportunity. Parkour is a fun fitness sport that differs from many other programs that require rigid and specific training. After-school budgets are being cut and more people are starting to look at parkour gyms as a fantastic opportunity with very diverse programs. We will talk to you about opportunities and several programs that you can start in your gym. Improve your life while improving the community around you.

What Parkour Federation Does for You:
  • Brings a professional level of certification which will demonstrate to families, communities and government officials your legitimacy and care.
  • All items listed above including an entire break down from Start to Finish on creating your academy.
  • Advertisement in Newsletters, Website, and Social Media
  • Program Outlines and Lesson Plans
  • Have us as a reference to answer questions about Parkour and programs.
  • Have a dedicated space on our website's forum for your academy.
  • You will be put on our website under our list of Parkour Federation certified gyms!

Steps Need:
  1. Talk with others in your community. Ask them if you feel you need an academy.
  2. Ask yourself, “Am I a good coach? Can I lead an entire business? What further training would I need before I start?”
  3. Look to see if existing facilities may be a part of your academy plan
  4. Call Us. Let us know your interested in starting an academy. We will talk to you about your options, guidelines, requirements, payment and, based on that, acceptance into the program!

Call or Email us [HERE]